VARIOPRINT has set one goal for itself: The design and supply of high-quality systems in small series for pad printing and surface coating of drill holes that are difficult to access.


In this market segment, we offer optimised solutions, which take into account your specific production conditions – e.g. small number of units, specialist applications, complex component structure.


Tried-and-tested - profitable - reliable

With all developments, VARIOPRINT takes into account, the face that your investments need to amortise quickly. Therefore, all systems are strictly geared towards your operating conditions.


The special feature of our printing systems lies in the consistent arrangement of all component groups in the sense of scalability This means: All systems are based on the basic models and can grow with your requirements.


Special features of our systems are, among others:

  • Modular mode of construction
  • Electrical drive
  • Simple operation
  • Long service lives
  • High frequency
  • Robustness
  • Multiple image technology
  • Automatic printing block
  • Automatic pad lift
  • Closed ceramic paint systems

Alexander Mühlhäußer


Managing Director
Alexander Mühlhäußer
Dipl. Ing. (FH)


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